AC Joint Repair Treatment : Shoulder Pain

The AC joint is tiny, weak and susceptible to injuries. It is located at the top of the shoulder. It is kept at the place by the joint capsules, 2 crucial ligaments, and 4 add-on ligaments. As it is there is no age bar for joint injuries, it mostly happens in young athletic adults. Also, men are more likely to get injured than women.

Dr. Vinay with his vast experience in the field of sports medicine and arthroscopic treatment and shoulder injuries have been beneficial to many people suffering from AC joint wounds.

AC Joint Repair Treatment, Acromioclavicular Joint Surgery in Indore, M.P.

AC Joint Repair Treatment, Acromioclavicular Joint Surgery in Indore, M.P.

How Is The AC Joint Injured

The reason for an AC joint injury may be either due to direct or indirect blows. The direct hit has an immediate effect on the joint. Near about 70% of AC joint injuries are due to the use of direct force.

Indirect force involves injuring the AC ligament when a person falls on something and gets injured disrupting and stretching the ligament.

How Are AC Injuries Treated?

The treatment of AC joint injuries depends on the criticality or grade of the injury. Dislocated injuries need rest and ice and after that slowly returning to day to day activity after 2 to 6 weeks of time. On the other hand, severe dislocation needs surgical intervention especially if the person is an athlete.

The treatment varies depending on factors like kind of injury, age, medical history, the physical position of a person, and personal choices. The most effective treatment for AC joint swelling is using corticosteroid injections, while in cases of AC joint separation proliferate injections are more suited. But in some cases the severity of the injury forces to go ahead with the surgical procedure. In case a person is not experiencing any sort of relief after several months, surgery becomes a must.

In the case of pain and arthritis, the best therapy for you is the removal of the edge of the collar bone. But if there is notable separation in the AC joint, a large-scale ligament reconstructive surgery is needed to bring back the normalcy of the clavicle. The post-surgical treatment depends upon the surgery performed, but rehabilitation is always needed in order to maximize the results. Once the pain from the surgery has worn off, the patient should follow a strict rehabilitation program as recommended by Dr. Vinay to regain muscle strength.

No matter what form of treatment is chosen, the ultimate goal is to restore painless function to the injured AC joint. To learn more about treatment options.

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