ACL Reconstruction Surgery

ACL Reconstruction Surgery

Dr. Vinay Tantuway is a well-qualified specialist in Anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction and treatments. He is a very flourishing expert for a variety of knee problems. The most recent state-of-the-art technology in the field of orthopedic treatment is used by him and is always on the hunt to customize the treatment for his patients. A thorough examination of your knee will be done by Dr. Vinay during your very first consultation to decide the best possible way of treating your injury, considering the individual needs and condition.

Who is a Suitable Candidate for Knee Surgery?

A rupture in the ACL is very common causing weakness and instability in the knee. But not all ACL ruptures need surgery as a cure. Healing from the injury of an ACL tear differs individually.

As a result before considering surgery as a treatment option many things like the impact of surgery on daily routine, level of activity, and sustenance should be taken into consideration.
Repeated incidents of knee instability or persons who don’t want to try conservative therapy should give a thought to opting for a reconstructive procedure. And Dr. Vinay Tantuway, the best orthopedic in central India is the answer to all your worries relating to ACL.

ACL Reconstruction Surgery

ACL Reconstruction Surgery

Advantage of ACL Reconstruction Surgery

Depending upon the kind of grafts used ACL reconstruction usually takes less than two hours of time. To avoid any kind of postoperative pain, along with General or regional anesthesia a leg nerve block is used too.

Post-surgery after the new ligament is inserted the cuts are closed and sterile cast, as well as dressing, is done. The ACL reconstructive surgery is usually performed only after the initial injury has subsided as the swelling and other related symptoms.

ACL is a distinctive ligament in the sense that it requires a new ligament to get healed. Simply stitching the two ruptured pieces together surgically is not going to work. So a new ligament must be created using a tissue graft and put into the knee injury. Three main types of grafts are used during an ACL reconstruction: namely patellar tendon autograft, hamstring autograft, and allograft.

Autografts are made out of your own body mass using minimally invasive procedures and then are put into the injured knee with the help of screws. This newly created tissue ultimately blends with its new area becoming a functional ligament.

In the allograft procedure, everything is the same except for the fact that the tissue is obtained from a cadaver donor.

From all these procedures the type of graft and surgical procedure to be opted by the patient depends on factors like age, past medical condition, lifestyle, and individual preference.

Dr. Vinay with vast experience in all types of grafts for ACL reconstruction and revision ACL reconstruction feels that it is very important to customize ACL treatment and is always ready to discuss personal choices.

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Expectations from the Surgery

ACL reconstructive surgery is helpful in restoring the normal or near-normal stability of the knee. It lessens the pain, averts osteoarthritis, puts a stop to further injury or harm to another knee anatomy. The procedure tries to bring about the normalcy of the function pre-injury.

Rehabilitation and Recovery Post Surgery

These both depend on the willpower of the patient for rigid physiotherapy. The person’s determination and caliber to cope up with a tough exercise regime for several months dictates the success of the procedure.