Specializing in Joint Disorder Management and Care

People suffer from many bones and joint-related ailments. For such people, Arthros (an orthopaedic procedure) is the answer. It is directed at bestowing patients as well as the medical fraternity the top level of accuracy for treating the ailments related to the knee, shoulder, and hips. Treatment for all age groups whether young ones needing reconstructive knee procedures to older ones requiring joint replacement therapy is given by us.

The specialized surgeons at Arthros clinic aim solely at providing treatments to the problems related to knee joints. This makes us more competent in providing top-notch assistance to both the patients as well as the designated doctors.

A heterogeneous approach is followed at Arthros clinic for the treatment of a patient. It implies that a patient is studied carefully about the condition and its effect on his life. Full care is taken in making the patient understand his problem as well as the treatment procedure best suited for him. A wide range of easy-to-understand resources of information is available with us.